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Hecate Ediciones is the name given to the Argentine group of creatives who seek to create original games that break the preconceptions of card and board games, risking everything and betting on good luck.

In addition to our games, we offer a critical design and testing service, where we focus on ensuring your game stands out on its own.

The team :

  • Emmanuel Rubio and Martín Oddino as Game Designer (from Villa María, Córdoba)
  • Marcos Lescano as Graphic Designer (from Santiago del Estero)
  • David Sepel as Marketer and Tester (from Paris, France)
  • Ariel Lamas (from Salta) and Rodrigo Vega (from Buenos Aires) as Illustrator.

We seek quality, creativity and cooperation, if you have questions about a game, queries related to the team, specific professional requests or any comment you want to leave, you can do so through the contact form or personally via networks and meetings.

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