¿Will you survive? Roll-Z is a Solo Survival Time Challenge, in Print and Play format, but with colorfull high definition PDF files, and that’s not all! You will need the Oficial Game Aplication that not only complements game immersion, witch chilling original music, sounds and graphics, it also enhance the gameplay WITH RANDOM ENCOUNTERS making it a REAL TIME CHALLENGE.
Stretch goals
Pledge Tiers
In Roll-Z you represent a survivor who must find pieces to fix the car, place them, and at the same time repell a horde of zombies trying to tear down the fragile barricade. Is not easy. If you manage to repair the old Chevy (by putting together the 5 necessary pieces) before time runs out, you have won, but if your barricade collapses or you run out of time, you will be one more of the brainless wobblers.
TO SURVIVE, you will need to master all the resources of the game, from zombies to trash. With an easy to learn mechanic, and a deep fast paced tactic options, you get a replayable surviving game to play with all your friends. Challenge them all!


A solitarie, real time, dice management game with App powered experience! Zombies are roaming and you are running out of time…